Hanover Township Council Meeting Room Hanover Township is governed by a five member Council. Council members are elected to four year terms on a rotating basis. This helps avoid a complete membership turnover and adds continuity of leadership. The current Council is comprised of Chairman Bruce Paulus, Vice Chairman Robert Heimbecker and Council members Mike Woolley, Robert Lawlor and Anthony Rossi. Other than the Chairman being responsible for running the Council meetings, all Council members have the same responsibilities and voting powers. The primary roles of the Council are to budget and legislate. Each year the Council must approve a budget and determine any fees or taxes to support the approved budget. The Council recently approved the 2023 budget and has not increased the property taxes.

In addition to the Budget, the Council’s other primary function is to enact legislation. The Township laws are known as Ordinances and must go through a formal adoption process. Each ordinance or changes to an ordinance must be introduced to the Council and be approved for advertisement. The Council must conduct a public hearing on any ordinances before it may be voted on for approval.

The Council members do not represent any particular section of the Township. They all represent all residents, as well as businesses, and you should feel free to contact anyone of them to discuss Township business. Compensation as a Council member is determined by Township Charter.

The Council meets at the Municipal Building the 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month at 7:00pm. These meetings are open to the public and residents are encouraged to attend.

  Council Members - Elected 4 Year Term
   Bruce Paulus    Chairman 12/31/2025
   Robert Heimbecker    Vice - Chairman 12/31/2025
   Michael Woolley    Member 12/31/2023
   Anthony Rossi    Member 12/31/2023
   Robert Lawlor    Member 12/31/2023

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