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Hanover Township What is the Townships policy on animals?

  • It is unlawful for any person to permit any animal to run at large upon any public thoroughfare, upon any public ground, or to run at large on any private property, other than that of its owner.
  • It is further unlawful to permit any animal on township park property.
  • Owners are responsible for immediately removing and properly disposing of all animal excreta from any public property or any private property.
  • Stray animals should be safely contained, if possible, until contacting the township for advice on animal pick-up or drop-off by the township’s designated organization.

Please contact the Township Office for information concerning animal control services 610-264-1069.

What is the Townships policy on Parking?
Regulations and restrictions are designed for the safety and protection of the public. The township has become aware of residents parking in the wrong direction on the Township streets. Such conduct creates safety issues for other motorists & pedestrians. Should this conduct continue, in addition to contacting the State Police at 610-861-2026, to have violators ticketed, the Township may be forced to enact appropriate legislation to enable the Township to prosecute violators.

What is the Townships policy on Weeds?
Chapter 10, Part 1 of the Statutory Code of Hanover Township prohibits any person owning or holding any real estate within the Township to permit obnoxious weeds or other vegetation, grasses, etc., to grow thereon to the height of 8 inches on a lot within 150 feet of any building on such lot and otherwise 15 inches in height. Person found in violation of this Article are guilty of a summary offense carrying fines up to $300.00.

What is the Townships policy on Vandalism?
The Township Council has issued a call for citizenry support in curbing and, hopefully, eliminating the costly theft and disfigurement of street signs and other Township property. The Council emphasizes this form of vandalism and maliciousness is costing tax dollars to replace and repair vandalized property, which monies could be utilized elsewhere. The Township asks that they be supplied with information that will lead to the arrest of all violators.

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