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Hanover Township Parks The Township is home to three parks totaling approximately 10 acres. Sherwood Park, Canal Park and Chestnut Grove Park. All three parks have pavilions which are available for rental through the Township Website.

Park Pavilion Rentals will be accepted as of January 1, 2024 for the 2024 season which begins April 1 through October 15.

Rules and Regulations For Rental of Park Facilities

Athletic Facilities
Athletic facilities located in the parks are available for rental. Please refer to the Athletic Facility Use Policy for details.

Clean Up
It is the responsibility to each Renter to put all garbage in the proper receptacles the day / night of their reservations.

Staples, Nails and Tape
Do not use any type of staples, nails or thumbtacks in the pavilion or on the picnic tables. Use only tape, ribbon or string.

Capacities of Pavilions
Canal Park - 180 to 200 persons
Sherwood Park - 80 to 100 persons
Chestnut Grove Park - 60 to 70 persons

It is understood that if any event goes over the capacity allowed in the respective park, the Township will withhold the security deposit.
It is the responsibility of the Renter(s) to maintain control of their function.

Rental Hours
The parks close at sunset at all times, including reservations made for the Pavilions.

Permission for alcoholic beverages may be requested. The serving of alcohol beverages must end one (1) hour prior to sunset for the date of reservation.
Renter(s) must provide proof of legal age to provide alcohol and will be approved by Township Manager. An Alcohol Waiver and Release form will be signed by Renter(s).

Parking is not permitted on any grass areas of the Park(s). The parking of vehicles must be orderly and not be disruptive to areas around the Park(s).

Small Games of Chance / Fundraising
Small games of chance and/or any type of fundraising is prohibited.

Picnic Tables
If picnic tables must be moved, they are to be returned to their proper order. Picnic tables cannot be placed outside the Pavilions. If Township Personnel must move tables the Renter(s) will be charged $50.00 per table that was moved back.

Landscaping, Pavilions and Structures
Any damage to the landscaping, grass area, Pavilions, Playground Equipment or other Structures caused by Renter(s) function will cause forfeiture of the security deposit and charged for any amount above the deposit.

Portable Restroom Facilities
Portable restroom units are provided by the Township. The Township assures that the portable units are cleaned on the Friday before each Weekend. The portable units are open for use by the general public throughout the weekend. If the Renter(s) feel that the portable unit is NOT useable, the Township will evaluate. If the Township feels that the unit is useable and the Renter(s) want the unit cleaned, the cost will be deducted from the security deposit and any cost above that will be billed to the Renter(s).

Permanent Restroom Facilities
If the permanent restrooms are available and utilized, the Renter is responsible for any damage and/or theft to the restroom facility. Any damage or theft to the restrooms will cause a forfeiture of the security deposit. If the Renter(s) are utiliziing the permanent restrooms, the Renter(s) must retrieve a key from the Township building prior to the function. The key must be returned to the Township prior to the release of the security deposit.

If the Renter(s) forgot the key and did not make prior arrangements for pick-up and the Renter(s) request the restrooms to be opened, there will be a flat rate charge of $100.00 and will be deducted from the security deposit or billed seperately.

Maintenance Issues
If before or during your function and any maintenance issues arise, contact a Township Representative at 610-972-7253 as soon as possible. Any maintenance issues will not be billed to the Renter(s).

Inflatable Amusements
Inflatable amusements such as, bounce houses, inflatable slides, bumper balls, etc. or other similar items are strictly prohibited in all parks.

Annoyance of others by disorderly conduct or loud music is prohibited (Ord.61, 6/28/1978; as added by Ord. 434, 4/17/2003).

Any person, firm or corporation who shall violate any provision of this Part 2 shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($300.00); and/or to imprisonment for a term not to exceed ninety (90) days. (Ord. 61, 6/28/1978; as amended by Ord. 212, 5/11/1988; and by Ord. 321, 8/16/1995, Section 4).

Eviction from Park Penalties
Any person acting in violation of any provisions of this Part who is advised by the Township Manager, Maintenance Supervisor or Code Enforcement Officer to cease such violation and refuses to do so may be required to leave the park premises immediately upon demand by the Township Manager, Maintenance Supervisor or Code Enforcement Officer. Any person remaining in the park after such demand, shall be present without any right or privilege to remain in such location. (Ord. 61, 6/28/1978; as added by Ord. 487, 9/3/2008, Section 2; and as amended by Ord. 530, 2/1/2012, Section 4).

General Information

  • Should you encounter any Emergency situations call 9-1-1.
  • Non-Emergency situations call 610-442-6917, or 610-972-7253.
  • Maintenance issues, call 610-972-7253.
  • Designated Township Code Officials and Pennsylvania State Police patrol Township Parks.

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